Endless opportunities from the bar to the kitchen

Reàl started as a craft cocktail ingredient, but these pure syrups are perfect for blending, baking, glazing, grilling, and so much more.

We take quality seriously, and we know whether you’re using Reàl Culinary Ingredients in high-end restaurants or homemade traditions, ingredients matter. Every product contains up to 40% pure fruit puree blended with all-natural cane sugar to create a product that is ideal for a wide variety of culinary applications.

What would usually take hours of labor and pounds of fruit is now a simple squeeze. Beyond its business benefits, Reàl sparks new creativity as a high-quality ingredient that chefs at all levels pour with pride.

“As chefs, we like to source these amazing ingredients and make everything in-house. I don’t feel guilty about using Reàl because it’s still just pure cane sugar and fresh fruit.” 

– Award-Winning Chef Anthony Lamas